Kelly Suth, Middle College High School



My name is Kelly Suth, and I am the junior coordinator for the Yesterday Again Film Festival. The fact that filmmakers can build a world from the ground up amazed me as a child and continues to amaze me today. I joined YAFF in freshman year because I wanted to help build a place for students to express their artistic passions. From movies to paintings, every piece of artwork deserves to be shown and appreciated. The Yesterday Again Film Festival wants to help in this process, and give every artist a platform to show their work.

My name is Monserrat Briseño, and I am in love with everything that the Yesterday Again Film Festival encompasses. I joined YAFF my junior year, and I find it to be an incredible opportunity for artistically-inclined students to showcase their passion to the public. Because the focus in school is predominantly academic, I find that the need to have a place where one can really delve into other talents is dire. Though I am no Walt Disney or Leonardo da Vinci, I am ecstatic to be apart of a process that allows others to develop their own skills. Being a visionary not only means you have great ideas, but you follow through with them. Taking action is central to what makes a visionary sensational. 

Monserrat Briseño, Tokay High School